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Product expansion: POS Fotoident now also supports NFC

Braunau am Inn / Austria

Auto Identification procedures are approved as part of KYC identifications, such as for identifying new customers in the finance area (at banks, for example) in a legally compliant manner.

In Austria, a special form of photo ID is required to be legally compliant in this regard.

Under the online identification ordinance (BGBLA 2021 II 455, from 2 November 2021), the POSportal module Fotoident can be used for identification in accordance with FM GwG [Federal Act on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing in Financial Markets]. FotoidentCHP combines a photo ID and the reading of an ID document with a chip.

Advantages of Fotoident for GwG

  • FM-GwG-compliant (as per Online-IDV dated 2 November 2021)
  • The security of the procedure is strongly increased
  • The photo identification remains quick and flexible

Critical application cases (such as transmission of health data, financially motivated fraud situations, etc.) can also make it necessary to use a stronger photo ID procedure.

This is how it works: Besides a photo ID (ID photo, selfie, and security check), the user reads the chip of her ID document (such as a passport) by using her smart phone’s NFC reader. The chip data read out is validated by the POSportal platform with a trusted service.