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HILTI starts worldwide signature service for SAP documents

A1 Telekom Austria AG, Wien

HILTI starts worldwide signature service for SAP documents

HILTI AG, Schweiz/Liechtenstein

At the beginning of the year the go-live for the innovative solution was given. Over 15 countries, including Germany, England, Italy, the USA and the United Arab Emirates, have already been successfully rolled out. Other countries will follow quickly in 2013.

POS Solutions has implemented a globally uniform DMS solution for HILTI AG. For HILTI, the main focus was on optimizing the delivery note process in the context of SAP, StreamServe and EMC. The entire front-end and back-end process was mapped electronically and brought to an internationally uniform standard. The existing, centrally organized architecture and infrastructure was expanded to include the option of legally compliant digital signatures and revision-proof archiving.

A challenge for POS Solutions was the heterogeneous international different front-end systems in which, among other things, thin clients (terminals) had to be connected.

About Hilti:
The Hilti Group, with its headquarters in Liechtenstein, is one of the leading companies in the field of fastening and dismantling technology. Founded in 1941 as a family business, Hilti has grown into a global group with around 21,000 employees in more than 120 countries.