POSportal module for remote identification

With our fully automated photo identification, the user is identified on the basis of their uploaded ID photos and portrait photos. The biometrics of the photos, the integrity of the ID (including the data it contains) and a life check are carried out.

Legal certainty according to eIDAS

Platforms iOS, Android and Microsoft

Integration via Standard API + SDK

Loadbalancing and Clustering

Monitoring and Logging functions

Integration of Active Directory

Module: POSident

POSident enables fully automated and secure remote identification (e.g. in online business)

Videoident – Identification via video chatt:

After a fixed call procedure, a video agent takes over the identification of the user. Agent and user are connected in a realtime video stream. Identification via video chat has been approved by the FMA and BaFin as a secure identification method and is now used by many banks and financial companies.

The call center with the video agents can be freely selected (own call center, as a service, etc.) The video identification also allows the issuing of qualified certificates.

Integration via POSportal Server (scanPOS Backend)

  • Standard API and SDK for integration into other applications
  • Push module for notification of registered applications and users in the event of certain events
  • Integration of Active Directory service for user authentication
  • Monitoring and logging functions to understand the processes and procedures on the server
  • Administration and configuration of the entire POSportal server and its modules via the POSportal
  • Support of high availability solutions (load balancing, clustering)
  • Multi-tenant capable and virtualizable
  • Multilingualism expandable via language files

Development year:



HTML5, iOS, Android and Microsoft

Supported hardware:

Smartphone, tablet PC, signature tablet or touch display


SQL and others on request