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UPDATE! Automatic digital onboarding for online automobile purchases and financing from the Denzel Bank

Vienna / Austria 

As of now, the Denzel Bank will also finance automobile purchases electronically and process them online.  

The POSportal platform is taking on the process steps of 

  • Examining and storing the data 
  • Identification and 
  • Contract negotiation and the digital signature. 

The focus is on a good customer experience, an electronic End2End process, and integrating the Denzel Bank’s back-end systems. 


Bankhaus Denzel AG 

Bankhaus Denzel Aktiengesellschaft was founded in 1991 and is fully owned by the Denzel Group, the largest multi-brand auto dealer in Austria. When one thinks of the Denzel Group, one primarily thinks of a long-standing automobile company. With a history going back to 1934 and its founder, Wolfgang Denzel, the company’s current equity capital is over 200 million euros. 

The bank’s core business was initially warehouse financing for car dealerships.