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Pilot for the onboarding of “Book a Test Ride” started at KTM.

Mattighofen, Austria 


Online registration and authentication for “Book a Test Ride”: Customers must register for their test runs, especially to reserve the motorcycles. They can do so either directly on site (at the dealership) or via the internet (on the KTM website).  

To simplify the BATR (Book-A-Test-Ride) process for customers and dealers, the onboarding process was displayed electronically (recording the customer’s data, verifying their identity with a driver’s license, and electronic signature on the rental agreement). For the test itself, “friendly dealers” were chosen to participate in the electronic onboarding and were released in the Bike Center Portal via a special role. 

Convenient registration from home 

Customers can register for BATR either at home (by a registration link being sent) or at the terminal at the dealership (Bike Center, web application). This creates a positive experience for the dealer and the customer alike, since unnecessary customer wait time and dealer-employee time is eliminated and the customer can be admitted in the test run immediately. 

This gives KTM the advantage that the customer or prospective customer is recorded for later marketing and sales activities, where today it is not always guaranteed that KTM will receive the customer data. 

To display the use case electronically, the POSportal platform and the modules POSident-Fotoident and POSsign were used and connected to the Bike Center platform. 


About KTM AG 

KTM AG is the parent company of the KTM Group. KTM AG holds shares in the distribution companies KTM Sportmotorcycle GmbH, Husqvarna Motorcycles GmbH, WP Suspension GmbH and GASGAS Motorcycles GmbH, among others. KTM AG, with registered office in Mattighofen, produces and develops racing off-road and street motorcycles.